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CenTech Specialty Vehicles Co., Ltd is a Sino-American joint venture. The company ,which covers 184,000 square-metre, locates in WuQing Development Zone of Tianjin New Hi-Tech Industrial Park .Registered capital of 196 million yuan RMB, total asset of 620 million yuan RMB.
·Begin to be build  in July,2001
·Construction of new factories and part of production lines were  basically completed in July,2002
·Building coverage of 80 thousand square-metre , parking lot and road of 36 thousand square-metre, green space of 78 thousand square-metre, pipe network of 12 thousand linear meter ,Power supply and transmission line and information network 15 thousand linear meter.
·Taking a picture in Tianjin manufacturing base in March ,2001
Garden Styled Factory


Striving to people-oriented development, CenTech Specialty Vehicles introduces many experts, among whom include 6 engineers, 52 technical personnel with the titles of high or medium-level, high-qualities management personnel .
·In 2004,the company developed 60 new products that have mainly passed domestic and international standards , It is in charge of  internal professional standard establishment for travel trailer and anti-riot equipment transport vehicle because of leading technology.

CenTech Specialty Vehicles is the largest-scale production enterprise of resident vehicle  , introducing advanced international production technology and processing equipment, setting up complete production system that is involved in machining process, welding, sheet metal, wood , compound panel, glass sheet , painting , final assembly , owning 6000  annual capacity.

Manufacturing spot



·In 1995, It filled in the gaps in Chinese armored truck and anti-riot vehicle.
·In August 2001,It possessed first generation of self-propelled resident vehicle off-line to have complete intellectual property.
·In 2002, It took part in drawing up product technology standard on Chinese resident vehicle for traveling.
·It got the certificate of the ISO 9001.
·all products were passed 3G certificate.
·In 2004, It participated in operating management standard on resident vehicle for travelling.

With ideal market system, sale and service webs are surrounded by all provinces.
·In 2002, the products began to export far to Australia, Japan and the Republic of Korea etc.
· CenTech provides high-quality service for government from home and aboard, institute and enterprise  military, medical treatment, communication
Outstanding market accomplishment promotes to be brand company with great influence and competition.

Marketing Channels and after-sales service system

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